Private & Semi-Private Kettlebell Training -

Private & Semi-Private Training Programs are available and designed to meet the specific needs of each client.
Call or e-mail for further information or to book a consultation for your Specialized Kettlebell Training Program.

Sports Programs-
Each program is custom tailored and cycled appropriately for the athlete's and/or teams needs. Iron-Bell Fitness develops a training regimen that enhances the athlete's current status, ensuring that the training is
supplemental, never detrimental, to his/her sport.  By working in conjunction with the coach(es) of your sport, the program can be customized to match the individuals/teams objective for the season and yearly planning schedules.

Strength & Conditioning-
A well balanced fitness program uniquely designed to meet the goals of each individual.  Programs will incorporate a variety of training methods to continually challenge your body and mind!