LINDA GILMOUR - Certified Trainer

'The only real failure is the failure to try!'
Linda has an extensive background in Figure Skating - as an Elite Athlete, Director of Skating Programs and an NCCP Level 3 Professional Coach. With her experience coaching recreational and competitive athletes as well as a wide variety of age groups, she is excited to inspire and motivate others to achieve their fitness or training goals.  "It is the journey that teaches us the most, not the finish line".

Linda discovered an interest for strength training while working with skaters off the ice to enhance on-ice performance.   She realized her new passion for Kettlebells in 2009 and quickly transformed her own fitness level as well as her attitude towards training.  Linda continues to educate herself in the field and believes in being a role model for her clients.  Her current goal is to qualify  to compete in  Kettlebell Sport in 2011.

Linda is a World Kettlebell Club certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and Fitness Trainer. She is also certifed with AGATSU Kettlebell Inc and BCRPA  
                                                                   Group Fitness, Bootcamp and Strength Training.